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Welcome to the web site of Keyword Software (formerly named Keyword Training). Here you can find about the services provided by Keyword Software & Consultancy. We are based in Ascot, Berkshire, England. We provide consultancy and training on Lantica Sesame and Symantec Q&A database applications. We are the UK distributors of Q&A software and various third party Q&A utilities. Alec Mulvey, the principal, is also one of the founder members of Lantica Software LLC, the company which produces SESAME, the new database management package which is a natural successor product to Symantec Q&A.

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Sesame, the new database manager from Lantica software, was released in December 2003 and is now in version 2.1. It is proving very popular in small to medium business and is being rolled out across departments in both the private and public sector. Lantica provides first-rate free technical support to registered users and is highly rated by all who use it.

A free 30-day Trial version of Sesame database manager can be downloaded from the Lantica website.

The main Lantica website is the chief source of support information: www.lantica.com 

Main Activities

bulletQ&A database application development
bulletSesame database application development
bulletTraining on Q&A
bulletSale of Q&A software - now on CD-ROM!
bulletSale of Q&A utilities and add-ons
bulletEnd-user training on Microsoft Excel and Word
bulletOther support services

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Contact Information

01344-884 962  -  (Int'l) +44 1344 884 962

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