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Q&A and the "Year 2000" issue

(Applies to v4 DOS, v4 Windows & v5 DOS)

Is Q&A year 2000 compliant?

The quick answer is: "Yes, but not absolutely"

For a software product to be declared completely year 2000 compliant it must function exactly the same after the millennium as before without any modification. Q&A needs just a couple of minor adjustments and then it will serve you well into the 21st century.

Firstly, you must ensure that you are using a date format that shows the full 4-digit year.  You should do this now, as you may see that some future dates (eg expiry dates) are already wrong when the full century is revealed.  You can then search for any such erroneous dates.

 That is all that is really necessary.  Dates typed with a 4-digit year are entered correctly.  Where dates are entered with no year then Q&A takes the year from the system clock.  The one problem is if dates are entered using an abbreviated, 2-digit year.  In this case, Q&A always adds 1900, so an entry such as 15/4/01 would produce a date in 1901.  So, for years after 2000 it is necessary to enter the century in full. This may prove to be tiresome, so a single line of programming can be added to each date field that will adjust the date, on entry, to ensure that the correct century is entered.  This line of code is supplied with the Q&A "Definitive Edition" CD-ROM, or on the Q&A Web sites.  Alternatively the programming is available from us, together with notes on how to apply it, for a handling charge of 15 +vat.

Please note that the Y2K programming does not work in the retrieve spec, you must enter the year in full or omit it if searching the current year.

So, the Q&A program itself is likely to be one of your lesser year 2000 problems! As Q&A is a programmable database, you may have programming which manipulates dates, and clearly this should be checked. Again, Keyword Software can assist you in this if you wish. You should check your PCs also, to see whether they are going to handle the millennium rollover well. Software is available to do this, or we can conduct a full Year-2000 audit, including comprehensive check of Q&A setup and programming. Please contact us for details.

This information is supplied by Keyword Software and Consultancy, without cost and without liability, as a service to Q&A users. No liability whatsoever can be entertained for loss or damage direct or consequential alleged to be caused by error or omission in this publication.

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