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If you use—or plan to use—Windows programs along with Q&A, you need a way to copy data from your Q&A databases to whatever Windows programs you’re using.

What does it take now?

First, you have to put Q&A in a window.

Next, you have to click the Mark icon on the toolbar.

Then you have to carefully drag the mouse over just the data you want to copy, click the Copy icon to copy it to the Windows Clipboard, then press Alt-Enter again to return to full screen.

That’s 5 steps—and you’re still not done! Now you have to start the other program where you want to use the data.

What if you could do all this with just one keystroke?

Now you can!

WinClip—a new Q&A add-on from The Quick Answer— lets you instantly copy any database field to Windows’ Clipboard!

You simply press Ctrl-C (or the hotkey of your choice) and BINGO!—the field’s content (a data value, a name and address, even a multi-page letter) is in the Windows 95 Clipboard, ready to paste wherever you need!

But that’s not all. You can have WinClip then start your Windows program so you can immediately paste the data into it (Ctrl-V or Edit / Paste) and finish the task! When you quit the external program, you’re back in Q&A!

WinClip makes working between Q&A for DOS and Windows programs amazingly easy!

bulletWinClip works with Q&A 4.0 and Q&A 5.0 running in full screen or window mode in Windows 95. WinClip works in any database as-is—it requires no extra fields or programming.
bulletWinClip is not a TSR—it takes no memory from Q&A.
bulletWinClip handles more data than Q&A 5.0’s clipboard, and lets you effortlessly pass it to any Windows program or any windowed DOS program—including Q&A itself!
bulletWinClip creates a text file of the data it copies to the Clipboard. You can insert this file in any Q&A database field, display it in Write, or use it in any program that accepts ASCII files.
bulletWinClip retains the formatting (paragraphs) of your Q&A data. What you copy is what you paste.
bulletWinClip supports all standard keyboard characters including British sign !
bulletWinClip comes with a demonstration database you can use to try out various WinClip options.
bulletWinClip is easy to install, and the documentation includes a variety of configuration and usage examples.

Get WinClip today, and find out how easy it is to share your Q&A data with your other programs.

Use the order form on our order information page to order WinClip for only 29.00 (+ 4.00 p&p + vat)

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