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Q&A is a Database with integrated word processor, published originally by Symantec Corporation.

Q&A is a remarkable software product. It comes closer than perhaps any other program to achieving that ideal: - power combined with ease of use. Since 1986 millions of users have come to rely on Q&A to keep their business running – to get the work done.

The classic version of Q&A is version 4, released in 1991. Many are still running the first release v4.00, trouble-free today, which is testament to the remarkable solidity of the product. Regrettably, Symantec did not continue the development of the DOS version, and v4 for Windows, when it was released in 1993, disappointed many. Had this been followed up by a 2nd Windows version a year later, who can tell what the database market would be like today?

Due to popular demand, not least by the National Q&A User Group, Symantec commissioned a new DOS version. Q&A 5 was written by PFP Software and released in late 1995. This greatly extended the versatility of Q&A, giving developers in particular extra relational-like tools and macro features to create more powerful applications and provide a richer user interface.

Countless thousands of businesses around the world still rely daily on Q&A. Many of these have investigated newer products and have made the informed decision that, for them, Q&A is still the desktop database of choice. Truly a classic.

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