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Corruption can afflict any database, not just those in Q&A. It can be caused by user error (eg switching off a PC without exiting Q&A), or because of a power cut or system crash, or for many other reasons. No database is immune. Corruption can have relatively mild effects, or it may make the database unusable. If you suspect corruption, the first rules are:

  1. Set aside any existing backups now – don't over-write them
  2. Make a new backup of the damaged database now
    (on the C: drive will be OK: File / Utilities / Backup eg CUSTOMER to CUSTBAK )
  3. Attempt to recover the file ( File / Utilities / Recover )

Once the recovery process has started it cannot be stopped. With a large (30MB) database on a slow PC on a network this might take an hour or even more.

If recovery is successful, then the file might be fine. Sometimes though recovery completes but does not rectify the problem. If recovery fails, then the file is almost certain to be unusable:- delete it, then make a new copy of your backup file. Always either work on a copy, or have a backup of the file available.

If you cannot cure the problem, then we can probably help. You can send the file to us (by either email or on floppy disk or backup tape) for data recovery. Always include both the .DTF file and the .IDX file, and, preferably, an older backup. This can be useful if the data can be extracted from the damaged database, but not the structure. The older backup can be the design only, the data is not needed.

Keyword Software is registered with the Data Protection Registrar (Registration No X3721021) as a computer bureau and we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Data recovery is priced at 80 +VAT for the first hour / assessment. It is often possible to fix the database within the minimum charge period, but there is no guarantee whatsoever. Having said that, most repairs are successful in full or in part. Payment can be made by credit card or cheque on completion. Terms and conditions are available on request for you to sign and return to us with your database.

Contact Telephone No +44 (0)1344 884 962

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