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Q&A Pricing

Users New Licence(s) Version Upgrade
1 165 120
3 425 325
5 590 475
10 999 849

Postage and packing is charged at 6 per order

VAT is to be added for sales to UK and to non-VAT-registered purchasers in other
EU countries.  EU purchasers must quote their VAT number on the order, otherwise we must add VAT which is currently 17.5% on software, postage and packing.

Terms: credit card, cheque with order / Official purchase order from approved customers.
Payments from overseas must be in Pounds Sterling. Credit card preferred.

For version upgrades proof of previous purchase is required.
(photocopy of system disk / inside front cover of manual / purchase invoice)

Q&A Manuals

One copy of the Q&A v5 "Getting Started" book, chapters 1-3, (26 pages) is supplied with each Q&A order. This describes the new features of Q&A v5. Other manuals are available at the following prices.


The QA5 user manual is the same as the QA4 user manual. You will need one of these if you are upgrading from QA3


A copy of the QA5 Applications Programming Tools manual is recommended for "power users" upgrading from QA4


The original Q&A Application Programming Tools Manual did not have an index. Ours now includes a full index.


The tutorial covers the basics of Q&A, but refers only to QA4


There is no VAT on manuals





Q&A Tutorial (applies to v4 or v5)    
(This is "Getting Started" in QA4 / Ch. 4 of "Getting Started" in QA5) 88 7.50
QA5 Application Programming Tools 180 13.50
QA5 Quick Reference Guide 34 3.50
QA4 Getting Started (mostly a tutorial) 108 7.50
QA4 Application Programming Tools 151 8.00
QA4 Quick Reference Guide 25 3.00
QA4 User Manual (identical to QA5 User manual) 598 35.00
QA4 Complete manual set (set of 4) (* SOLD OUT *) n/a 45.00
Q&A v4 (Windows) manual set (*see below)   12.50
QA4 Network Administration Guide 20 3.50
* Q&A (Windows) manual available only in electronic format, as a series of Acrobat (.pdf) files, one per chapter. A printed contents list is supplied. There is VAT on this item.
Postage & Packing:

When ordered with the Definitive Edition CD, the manual prices include postage & packing.

There is VAT on postage and packing.

Goods, including manuals, are sent by Special Delivery or Swiftair Registered Post to keep postage costs to a minimum, yet still ensuring swift and reliable delivery.

Overseas Postage & Packing:

This varies depending on destination and total weight. We will supply a quote based on your requirements.


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