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Welcome to the web site of Keyword Software (formerly named Keyword Training). Here you can find about the services provided by Keyword Software & Consultancy. We are based in Ascot, Berkshire, England. We provide consultancy and training on Lantica Sesame and Symantec Q&A database applications. We are the UK distributors of Q&A software and various third party Q&A utilities. Alec Mulvey, the principal, is also one of the founder members of Lantica Software LLC, the company which produces the new database management package to replace Q&A.

Sesame, the new database manager from Lantica software, was released in December 2003. 
The main Lantica website is the chief source of support information: www.lantica.com 
To find out what Sesame offers, go to: www.sesamedatabase.com

Main Activities

bulletQ&A database application development
bulletSesame database application development
bulletTraining on Q&A
bulletSale of Q&A software - now on CD-ROM!
bulletSale of Q&A utilities and add-ons
bulletEnd-user training on Microsoft Excel and Word
bulletConversion of SuperCalc spreadsheets to Excel
bulletOther support services

Contact Information

01344-884 962  -  (Int'l) +44 1344 884 962

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